89. Identity Solutions and the Current State of the Programmatic Industry




July 5, 2022


We welcome Eric Wheeler of 33Across, Inc. to the Sensei’s corner. Eric is the CEO of 33Across, which helps programmatic advertising to function without cookies across publishers, platforms, and more. In today’s episode, Eric and I discuss identity solutions in a cookieless world, the role his company, 33Across, plays in the programmatic ecosystem, and the current state of programmatic advertising.


01:08 – Eric’s Introduction

06:40 – Eric’s Definition of Programmatic Advertising

10:00 – 33Across’ Role in the Programmatic Ecosystem

11:13 – 33Across’ Lexicon Defined

12:09 – Current State of Programmatic Advertising

18:09 – Types of Identity Solutions

33:57 – How and Why Publishers Are Winning

40:08 – How Sustainable is Lexicon?

50:09 – Eric’s Advice for His Younger Self

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Daily Mail Boosts Its Cookieless Ad Business with a Probabilistic ID Solution – Article by Anthony Vargas

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