93. What Do S.P.O and D.E.I have in common?




July 26, 2022


We have another oldie but goodie for you this week! We are bringing back my interview with Sonja Kristiansen, Vice President of Global Platform Partnerships at TripleLift. TripleLift is a New York-based ad-tech company that primarily focuses on programmatic advertising. In this episode, Sonja and I discussed all things S.P.O.(Supply Path Optimization) and D.E.I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). Sonja shared how TripleLift can be seen as a partner from a buy and seller side’s perspective. She also broke down some best practices for using S.P.O in your day-to-day, by sharing TripleLift’s expertise on both the publisher’s and buyer’s views. Sonja discussed her take on Google’s 3rd Party Deprecation announcement and how her team planned to work around it. 

We ended the conversation by discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sonja specifically shared how she went about diversifying her team and how much of a positive impact it has had on TripleLift. 

Sonja is truly the epitome of living authentically, both professionally and personally. 


1:10 – Sonja’s Introduction

4:14 – What is TripleLift and What is Sonja’s Role 

7:07 – How TripleLift is a Partner in Advertising

9:00 – Sonja’s Thoughts on Third Party Deprecation

12:07 – Sonja’s Tips for Working with Companies that Provide Supply Path Optimization (S.P.O)

17:00 – Direct Seller VS. Reseller

19:09 – How Sonja Diversified Her Team and Created an Inclusive Environment

26:15 – Sonja’s Three What If Statements

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