96. Therran Oliphant Shares 3 Actionable Insights in This Changing Programmatic Landscape




August 16, 2022


We welcome Therran Oliphant of Essence Global, soon to be Essence Mediacom, to the Sensei’s corner. Therran is the Vice President of Data and Technology at Essence Global. In today’s episode, Therran and I discuss changes taking place in privacy data, the open internet, and authentication. Therran also breaks down what data clean rooms are and shares the most important skill traders new to the industry should develop immediately.


02:14 – Therran’s Introduction

09:33 – How Digital Programmatic Advertising has Changed Since Therran Started in this Industry

12:39 – Therran’s Thoughts on Privacy Data and Third-Party Cookie Deprecation 

20:29 – Therran’s Perspective on the Open Internet and Authentication

25:34 – Therran’s View on How Best to Advise Agencies Who are Data Rich or Data Poor (Each approach is different!)

30:39 – Therran’s Explanation of Data Clean Rooms to a Five or Six-Year-Old

32:54 – Therran’s Actionable Insight

35:02 – The Skill Set Every New Trader Should Develop Immediately 

Guest Information:

  • Therran Oliphant – Vice President of Data and Technology at Essence Global

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