97. How to Prepare for Signal Loss with Sarah Polli




August 23, 2022


We welcome Sara Polli of Hearts & Science to the Sensei’s corner. Sarah is the Senior Director of Marketing Technology at Hearts & Science. In today’s episode, Sarah and I discuss how to prepare for signal loss and why it is important to understand your environment. 


01:48 – Meet Sarah Polli

08:57 – Sarah’s Thoughts on Cookie Deprecation

14:08 – What Everyone Should Know About Signals and Signal Loss

18:41 – Where to Begin with the Cookie Deprecation

23:22 – Identifying How Things Are Measured

30:44 – Marketing Mixed Modeling vs. Multi-Touch Attribution

32:21 – Sarah’s Actionable Insight

34:14 – Sarah’s Definition of Programmatic Advertising

38:19 – How to Connect with Sarah

Guest Information:

  • Sarah Polli – Senior Director of Marketing Technology at Hearts & Science

Meet Our Team: