54. Does Automation Lead to Efficiency? Google Ads Latest Update




October 5, 2021



In the Sensei’s corner, we welcome Anu Adegbola who is the founder and host of the PPCChat  Round-Up podcast. Anu has worked in our industry for over 12 years and more specifically has worked in data analysis and paid search. This week, we discuss our point of view with Google’s latest updates, specifically in Google Ads and Paid Search. Note that this was recorded a couple of weeks ago, prior to Google’s update on moving from Last Click to Data-Driven modeling. We go in-depth on how Google has been pushing for more internal automation leading to a lack of transparency. We also touch on data privacy and the differences in how it’s regulated in the US versus other countries such as the UK, where Anu resides. Anu’s energy and insights are sharp and informative and we know you will enjoy this episode.

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00:00 – Podcast  Sneak Peak

00:34 – Podcast Introduction

01:43 – Google’s Latest Update

02:41 – Guest Introduction

08:34 –  The Programmatic Meetup

10:40 – Automation & Data Purchasing

13:04 – Google Broad Match

17: 07 – Google’s move towards Internal Automation

20:32 – Automation without Transparency

27:07 – Data Privacy

33:59 How Third-Party Cookies affect SEM

37:38 – Moving away from Optimizing Last Click

39:36 – Last Remarks

41:53 – Podcast Outro