Programmatic Digest Podcast 62. Mental Advantage with Coach Bryn Drescher




November 30, 2021


This week on the Programmatic Digest podcast, we welcomed Coach Bryn Drescher who is a Mental Performance Coach & Motivational Speaker.

We did it a bit differently this week and focused on mental health and awareness.

Learning about Bryn’s identity and character really gave us an intimate understanding of her decision to become the amazing mental performance coach she is today. She specializes in working with Student-athletes and shared how her signature framework can be implemented in any industry and to anyone. Bryn gives us some tips and advice on how not to let your mistakes define your career.

Join us in this conversation especially where she explained how to combat the new “B” word (#burnout)!Coach Bryn is changing the world with the most charismatic and contagious energy we’ve experienced! I know you will enjoy focusing on something outside of our “job” and that is absolutely within our control: being Mentally Advantageous!

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Time stamp:

00:00 – Podcast Introduction

02:32 – Guest Introduction

04:26 – What is a Mental Performance Coach?

06:33 – Who is Bryn Dresher?

12:25 – Implementing your Framework

20:17 – How to Make your Vision a Reality

24:07 – Don’t Let Mistakes Define your Career

31:06 – Join the Programmatic Meetup

33:13 – Identifying and Tackling Burnout

45:22 – Last Remarks

1:01:27 – Podcast Outro