Programmatic Digest Podcast 63. Globalization in Programmatic Talents




December 7, 2021


This week in the Sensei’s corner, we welcome back Brian Dolan, CEO and founder of WorkReduce and a new guest and friend, Leo Faya, founder of Above Zero LLC. Above Zero, LLC is an Atlanta-based digital media operations and strategies company that works around helping build teams around helping brands and or agencies scale their digital operations. This week’s topic focuses on the globalization of programmatic talent, and we begin the conversation with the great resignation and how the recent talent crunch has pushed for companies like WorkReduce to start looking to the global marketplace for talent. We go in-depth on how to go about finding talent, and the investments into that proposed talent that are required. We touch on their standpoints on globalization and how it’s made an impact on their businesses, and how social media has positively impacted them. We wrapped up this week’s conversation with the discussion on if language is still considered a barrier of entry.

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00:00 – Podcast Intro

01:26 – Guest Introduction

04:23 – The Great Resignation

09:58 – The Programmatic Meetup

12:09 – How To Follow Through

16:15 – Investing in People

18:21 – Talent Investment

26:40 – Talent Globalization

30:15 – Impact of Social Media

32:30 – Is Language Still A Barrier Of Entry?

39:22 – Last Remarks

49:13 Podcast Outro