Programmatic Digest Podcast 87. Knowing Your Value as a Marketer




June 21, 2022


We welcome Eric Elliott of VIP Marketing to the Sensei’s corner. VIP Marketing is a partner-focused digital marketing agency that strategizes and executes to yield results that stray from the status quo. In this episode, Eric and I discuss what a toxic work environment looks like and when it’s time to leave, the best way for leaders to grow their companies, how to manage partnernerships, and knowing your value as a marketer. 


01:43 – Eric’s Introduction

02:57 – Eric’s Career Journey

09:04 – Defining a Toxic Work Environment

13:58 – How to Grow Your Company

23:03 – How to Manage Partnerships

24:22 – How Eric Defines Partners

26:32 – The Biggest Challenge of Getting into Digital Marketing

27:10 – Knowing Your Value as a Marketer

35:10 – Fun Fact About Eric

39:01 – Where to Connect with Eric

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