Programmatic Digest Podcast 88. How to Get Started as a Programmatic Media Trader




June 28, 2022


We welcome Nima Fallahi of GroupeConnect to the Sensei’s corner. Nima is a Senior Programmatic Analyst at GroupeConnect, a full-service marketing company based in Boston, Massachusetts. In this episode, Nima and I discuss life as a programmatic media trader and what it’s like when you first enter the programmatic media industry. We also take a deep dive into Nima’s programmatic media journey. 


01:33 – Nima’s Introduction

02:44 – What is programmatic media? A simplified definition.

08:08 – Nima’s programmatic media journey

15:15 – Challenges you may face in programmatic media

28:46 – 3 Takeaways from Today’s Episode

32:51 – Nima’s 2 Wins and A Challenge

36:19 – Nima’s Fun Fact

38:04 – One Thing Nima Wish He Knew Before

Guest Information:

  • Nima Fallahi- Senior Programmatic Analyst of GroupeConnect

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