109. Exploring Complexity of the Financing Services Landscape In Media with Hunter Young




December 6, 2022


In this episode, we discuss everything you need to know about Hifi agency – what they offer, their team’s workshop with Helene. Also, we talk about the programmatic activation, optimization boot camp, and complexity of the media landscape.

00:01:10 – Who is Hunter Young
00:03:11 – How long has HIFI been around, and where did that name come from?
00:06:30 – Hunter Young’s definition of his work for a 5-year old
00:08:01 – The founding principle of HIFI
00:08:42 – What the media landscape looks like for financial services today
00:14:17 – 3 things you see with clients before they work with you and what they look like after working with you
00:18:22 – Hunter’s measurement of success
00:21:07 – Expanding programmatic efforts for Hunter’s clients with the help of Helene’s workshop
00:22:59 – Live testimonial to Helene’s workshop
00:30:44 – One fun fact about Hunter Young

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