151. The Programmatic Ecosystem: Cookie Mapping vs. ID Bridging – Part 1




July 9, 2024


The YouTube vodcast may be more beneficial considering I walk through it and illustrate it all. https://youtu.be/5e8CWp3itHk

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This podcast was pulled from a live training we did a year ago explaining Cookie Mapping, also known as Cookie Table. Part 1 defines cookie mapping and how it happens within the auction. Both cookie mapping and ID bridging aim to identify and track user behavior across the internet, but cookie mapping is more specific to cookies across sites, whereas ID bridging encompasses a wider range of identifiers and devices.

The YouTube vodcast may be more beneficial considering I walk through it and illustrate it all. https://youtu.be/5e8CWp3itHk

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(02:04 – 03:32) Understanding the DSP and SSP

(05:08 – 07:05) Understanding Ad Servers in Digital Advertising

(08:01 – 10:21) Understanding Ad Tech Ecosystem Bridge

(17:43 – 18:54) Understanding the Lifecycle of Ad Impressions

(26:08 – 27:22) Digital Ad Exchange Process Overview

(34:26 – 35:45) Media Buying Strategy Overview

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