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February 6, 2023


Hi there,

Announcement Of The week:

Last chance to join the Reach and Frequency™️ February’s program starting Monday 13th.

What is it?

Learn the fundamentals of Programmatic media activation from Fundamentals to optimization best practices… Everything you will start or land a job as programmatic trader/buyer or account coordinator.

It’s a couple hours commitment  a week and where you’ll have access to on-demand lessons, live group coaching with me and other experts, and hands-on experience in a DSP, setting up campaigns, creating audience segmentation, pulling reports, optimizing, etc.


Check out more details here:

Why You Should Join:


⭐ Flexibility

Learn at your own rhythm and whenever you see fit. 

⭐ Career Advancement

You will be able to start a career in paid advertising and programmatic media, earning anywhere from $55,000–$125,000 USD (** vary based on your region).

⭐ Affordability

Investment can be $310-$1,575 

⭐ Improve Technical Skills

Programmatic media requires agility and attention to details in addition to learning what and how, bonus training and productivity, Excel and more.

⭐ Improve Self-Discipline

This course is designed and encourages an interactive style of learning where WorkBooks and Best Practice Guides will be offered. You will have to commit, train, and execute to get the best transformation.

⭐ Community

Get to Join the Programmatic Meetup Community once modules 1-5 are completed.

Grow with like-minded professionals already working in the field receiving ongoing industry trends training and more.

You will enjoy your first 6 months of the community free.

Who It Is For:

Anyone Looking To Learn/Improve a New Skill

Corporate Professionals

Media Buyers & Sellers


Digital Marketing Specialists

Professionals with a Traditional Media Background

Sales, PR, Communications, Creative & IT Professionals

More information here:


🔥Upcoming Podcast Series:

This Week’s on the Programmatic Digest podcast, we are highlighting an oldie but goodie! Episode 118 features special guest Matt Barash as he gives us amazing tips on how to build a great team from the ground up, in a time where there is such a big push towards automation! Tune in on YouTube and all podcast platforms for the episode, Tips On Talent Retention With Matt Barash!

And on next week’s exciting agenda, we will be publishing a 4-part series all about the Programmatic Ninja Well-Being starting Valentine’s Day February 14th (because y’all deserve some love), with our special guest, Brett Middleton!

We have some exciting content and ideas for this quarter starting with:

The Programmatic Ninja Well-Being Series where we will cover the following topic on the podcast and in the community:

  • Programmatic Challenges 
  • Minimizing Effort, Increasing Automation
  • Programmatic Activation, The Success Metric For a Department/Team
  • Special Q&A with the community (Sign Up Here to Join our weekly calls)

⏳ Upcoming events: 

Optimization Bootcamp (Free & Paid sessions)

Join our waitlist and be the first to know and enjoy early birds specials.

Here’s what we are planning for March 2023:

A series of hourly masterclass, Time and date will be confirmed, looking at the following:

  1. Optimization Best Practices: Targeting Levers 
  2. How To Optimize Site Lists/ Practicing SPO on the Buy-side
  3. How to Optimize Frequency and other metrics such as Time of Day or Day of The Week 
  4. AI vs. Manual Optimization: Optimization Best practices using a 3rd party Optimization vendor (announcement soon!) 

Cheers to leveling up!

Your Programmatic Coach


Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media and find a career. We do so by providing on-demand education, a dope community, and support with job placement. 

That is why we founded  The Reach and Frequency™ program where we focus on training programmatic traders and planners with the tools they need to succeed. This program also include hands-on experience in DSPs and weekly group coaching. 

Our focus in Q1 is to find partners and hiring managers to help placed this talent pool after completing the program. 

If you are a candidate or a hiring manager, feel free to give me a call 757-613-9984 or email me at [email protected]

We are always looking for a referral or simply happy to chat the latest and greatest so don’t hesitate to book a call 😬