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January 30, 2023


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How To Learn Programmatic Media Buying in 2023

It’s simple. Find a job in a brand, marketing agency, advertising/media agency, or advertising tech company and learn the skill on the job. 

That’s it! See you next week! 

Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute!! I know there’s more!”

What is expected:

Yes, if you wish to find a job in programmatic media, even at entry-level or junior level, you are now required to have a decent understanding and ability to:

  1. Discuss Programmatic landscape: what it is and who is involved
  2. Buying types and when to use: Think of open vs. private auction, etc.
  3. Different programmatic placements (Display, mobile, streaming audio/TV, DOOH, etc.) 
  4. Targeting Mix and when and how to use it (behavioral, contextual, predictive modeling, geofencing vs. geotargeting, addressable, etc.)
  5. Programmatic activation and how to get started
  6. Create a strategy and media plan
  7. Intro to DSP use 
  8. Performance optimization 
  9. Intro to reporting

These are a start to getting the interview locked and having a higher chance of getting hired. Some will say that this is higher than a junior level, but y’all job descriptions say differently! 

The 2 main challenges 

The problem is that, again, you need to know where to find the education to start your programmatic learning journey. Individuals can only get training via advertising technologies such as a DSP, SSP, etc. Let’s discuss the main three challenges to this! 

Accessibility: Advertising and programmatic Technologies (AdTech) and partners currently provide training, limiting individuals with no affiliation from learning. 

A significant entry barrier! 

All Are Not Created Equal: Training provided by AdTechs can be skewed toward how to utilize their own platforms best, although a decent picture of fundamentals is included.

Lack Of User Focus: Training can be focused on the technology capabilities removing the human aspect of the learning journey for those using the platform. (Trust me, I’ve used so many DSPs and realized how none user friendly it was 😳)

You can always make up in leverage what you lack in ability – Myron Golden

This is why we created the Reach and Frequency™️ course and live program. 

It is a course that takes you through all the 9 points mentioned above. 

See the curriculum in detail here for anyone trying to get started and or level up their skills in programmatic advertising.

The program uses the content from the course in an accelerator timeline where we dynamically learn 1-2 points layered with weekly live coaching and give you access to a dope community. 

The best part during the accelerator program is that I get to have 1-1 with each student and understand their strengths and address any opportunities. They can learn on their own, in a live group setting, and in a community where others are already working in the field, each at a different expertise level.

After a 1-1 last week, one of the students shared how they felt much more confident in their ability to grasp this new concept and apply it in a job. 

I had another student who joined to level up their programmatic understanding since they were already working for an ad agency. They shared how they could use content from Module 1 (a free module, FYI) to help upsell a client and content from Module 7, where we go over best practices when optimizing. After implementing a handful of those, they saw an increase in performance for one of their troubled campaigns. 

The February live program starts soon

The Reach and Frequency™️ is a program created and updated to cover these basic understandings so that hiring companies can continue their onboarding and save at least 1-2 months.

We are accepting new sign-ups this week and launching the program the second week of February! You have time to join and or refer a friend! 

Find out more here:

Cheers to leveling up!

Your Programmatic Coach


Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media and find a career. We do so by providing on-demand education, a dope community, and support with job placement. 

That is why we founded  The Reach and Frequency™ program where we focus on training programmatic traders and planners with the tools they need to succeed. This program also include hands-on experience in DSPs and weekly group coaching. 

Our focus in Q1 is to find partners and hiring managers to help placed this talent pool after completing the program. 

If you are a candidate or a hiring manager, feel free to give me a call 757-613-9984 or email me at [email protected]

We are always looking for a referral or simply happy to chat the latest and greatest so don’t hesitate to book a call 😬