I don’t know how I can use your service




January 25, 2022


Hi Hélène with the silent H,

I love your content, and I just subscribed to your podcast. I cannot wait for your course to launch, and I really want to collaborate but don’t know how I can use your service.

This is an appreciation letter to thank you for all the messages I have received in the last few months. I want to briefly explain a couple of things as I am a content creator and business owner. I can understand we can get information overload, and I am here to clarify a couple of things.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

Here’s what I do:

✅ Programmatic media solution, that means:

I do training and workshops for agency and brand clients.

“You are literally doing God’s work for our industry because we cannot find talent and do not have the resource to train at the moment.”

This was shared with me on a consulting call last week with a V.P. of Paid Media for a multi-six figures agency.

Simply said, I can train anyone from entry-level to expert on programmatic media, and it doesn’t take years or months.

As a result of working with me, you can run programmatic campaigns efficiently with customized training and a sprinkle of best practices using internal tools and systems.

Hélène, for real, though, what does that mean, “become efficient with customized training and a sprinkle of best practice on using internal tools and systems?”

Based on your experience, I tailor training to you and teach you how with tools such as project management or reporting dashboard, for internal use, you can spend less time “looking for important information lost in emails or on a 2 hours client call recording“. Information beyond essential for the success of a launch! I also train and leave you with system/documents/training recordings that I’ve used to help me “keep” track of important changes. A perfect example of systems can be the QA process and checklist. (oh, yes, it is that simple but yet so hard to prioritize!)

You will understand the ins and outs of running programmatic media campaigns and how to optimize and use the technology needed to get the results you aim for. I swear it’s not as hard as it sounds.

I’ve trained ninjas in campaign and account management, sales, and leadership to understand the intricate process involving selling and planning using programmatic media strategies.

Part of the transformation isn’t just being able to be efficient and great at your job! The most significant transformation happens when you are more confident to take enough risk for your client and your team without penalizing cost, performance, internal culture, and compromising your work-life balance.

Every one of the ninjas has gained leverage in their field after just a few hours with me and has even changed jobs or been promoted. Others have increased their revenue by 35%.

I am thankful for your trust, and so I ask you to support me by doing the following three free things:

  1. Book a call (it’s free99 😃), and let’s assess where you are and how I can help.  I’m really good at it, and I’ve even had people increase their revenue by 10-35% after just a free consultation with me.
  2. Refer someone with an introduction here on LinkedIn or via [email protected] (again, based on the above, let’s chat!! If it is not meant to be, it just isn’t 😬 but if it is, are you missing your shot?…..)
  3. Share this by private message or on your feed. Any additional visibility helps support my black and female-owned business 🦄 aaaaand my boss babe will thank you.

You are loved and appreciated! I believe in you, and I appreciate you!

Hélène, read Ellen, Your Programmatic Coach 🥲😬🦄