Optimization Masterclass on Programmatic Targeting Levers: Preview




March 22, 2023


Hi there,

Do you feel like most of your day feels like…


Instead of like this…


… then, I’ve got news for you.

You don’t have to do this alone. (Hint! Optimization Masterclass)

Managing programmatic campaigns, from planning to strategy to set up and reporting and everything in between, can be cumbersome.

And let’s not talk about how we still have to attend meetings and stay on top of the latest trends, including understanding acronyms like fledge (no shade, Google).

But a reason should not become an excuse. It should be your fuel to become great.

So here’s your reminder to join us for our second Masterclass in our boot camp series.

Build Efficiency and Transparency in Your Programmatic Supply Pipeline:

Today’s focus is on supply inventory optimization:

– How To look at sites, SSPs, Sellers and Optimize

– How To Build /your Own Supply Pipeline

It’s not too late to join, and yes, you will access the full recording of the previous Masterclass.

Here’s a preview of last week’s Masterclass:

Enjoy the first 25 mins.

You will still be eligible for a free 45 mins consultation.

Don’t hear about it, be about it!

Cheers to leveling up!

Your Programmatic Coach


At Helene Parker Consulting, we do Training and Activation Support!

Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media and find a career. We do so by providing on-demand education, a dope community, and support with job placement.

That is why we founded The Reach and Frequency™ program where we focus on training programmatic traders and planners with the tools they need to succeed. This program also includes hands-on experience in DSPs and weekly group coaching.

We are always looking for a referral or simply happy to chat the latest and greatest so don’t hesitate to book a call 😬