Third-Party Cookie Deprecation & ID Solutions: Here’s How To Get Started




April 14, 2022


Announcement of the Week:

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Noteworthy News of the week:

Goodway Group Stitches Together Identity Graph To Complement Brands’ First-Party Data by Anthony Vargas and Amanda Martin 


Goodway Group built a first-party ID solution dubbed Passport One, which allows advertisers to connect to multiple data sets in one place. It is suited to both brands with large first-party data sets and brands that have not prioritized first-party data gathering. 

Goodway’s Passport One database contains data signals, including anonymous email addresses, offline data, and log-level campaign data. It’s intended to be used with open web programmatic deals and direct deals.


Goodway will work with clients to determine the gaps in their existing first-party data and to find solutions to those gaps, Martin said.


Goodway’s Passport One solution replaces third-party cookies with a variety of first-party signals tailored to the needs of individual brands.


Passport One allows marketers to layer their first-party data with audience insights to create custom targeted audiences.


With Chrome’s cookie deprecation pushed back to 2023, Goodway Group will test its Passport One targeting solution against the existing cookie-based solutions that are still in use.

Actionable Insight:

Goodway Group is offering an ID Solution to consider to maximize first-party data.
They are helping brands and advertisers answer the following questions:
What do you currently have in place for audience targeting with cookie deprecation peeking around the corner?

Before I can recommend six steps to get you started, let’s agree on the following definitions: 

  • Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) is an open-source framework that publishers, advertisers, and digital advertising platforms can use to establish identity without third-party cookies. – AdTech Explains
  • ID Solutions are designed to create a stable and reliable consumer identifier that advertisers may use to measure online consumer behavior and serve targeted advertising.  – TripleLift 


  • First-party data (1PD) is information a company collects directly from its customers and owns. First-party data (also known as 1P data) is part of the mosaic of data marketers have at their disposal. It can complement, enhance, and reduce the need for other data types. – TransUnion Signal
  • Third-party data (3PD) is any information collected by an entity that does not have a direct relationship with the user on which the data is being collected. Often, third-party data is collected from various websites and platforms and is then aggregated together by a third-party data provider such as a DMP. – SpotX 

 Read The Full Article HERE 

Ok, so Hélène, what do these definitions have to do with Goodway Group?


This newsletter aims to highlight one important trend or noteworthy news that you can use to implement internally or learn from for future execution. (This is also why I decided to start Free Masterclasses: to take your learning to application, and why you should join me on our next one


With that said, what is your ID solutions strategy? What are you doing to replace using third-party data as your main tactic to reach your ideal audience?


Don’t panic! If you haven’t started, here’s what I recommend: 

  1. First, understand your first-party data: are you maximizing your 1P, consent-only data using CDPs, partnering with DMPs that use UID2.0? How are you measuring your 1P data? 
  2. Strategic partnership: such as what Goodway Group is offering in Passport One, does your current list of vendors have proposed ID solutions? If yes, how can you test it asap against your current strategy?
  3. 1PD and UID2.0 are not the only things you should test: understanding your audience is key. Therefore, you should be testing other tactics such as contextual targeting, DOOH, location-based (think geofencing or proximity targeting), etc. 
  4. Measurement: need I say more? Take this opportunity to pump some steroids into your measurement tools/partnerships.
  5. Test, test, test, and test some more: this is the time to test new partners, understand new strategies, and demand innovative, creative, and transparent strategies from your partners. Call them today and ask: what can we do to target audiences without using 3PD? 
  6. Angelina Eng said at #Progio NY: “Test, adjust, test some more, learn, adjust, and share your findings with the rest of the industry.”

Aren’t we all in this together anyway?