What did Encanto’s Bruno and Myron Golden have in common?




December 28, 2021


Yesterday, we watched Disney’s Encanto and may I just say: Wow, wow, wow!!!!! What an outstanding movie, music, acting, everythaaaang…

The remarkable Myron Golden stopped by David Shand’s Entrepreneurial group, The Morning Meetup. He didn’t just drop a few gems; the whole presentation was life-changing. Yes, it was one hour and thirty minutes when guests spent between thirty to forty-five minutes with some Q&A. This morning’s session was pure teaching, and it has changed EVERYTHING for me.

 I don’t believe in coincidence because I’m watching Encanto again. (The parents around me will understand why we watch movies, in Beyoncé’s voice, “fiftyleven” times!!)

This is where you want to skip over two paragraphs down to “This morning, Myron Golden…” because there will be a couple of spoilers from the movie below.

In Encanto, tío Bruno has the gift of vision. He sees the future, and those around him fear his gift because they believe it led to cursed situations. Bruno’s visions were apparently very negative and always “ruined/cursed” the people in the vision. For example, he predicted a few things, including the priest losing his hair, and he did afterward.

Stick with me here, and you will understand where the magic of it all lies (no pun intended).

 Back to tío Bruno! This next part is going to be a major spoiler, so skip to Myron’s paragraph below:

One of tío’s last visions saw Mirabel’s future, but he said something powerful: “I saw you in front of the house with cracks and without, but it was different as if your future wasn’t fully decided yet. I decided to hide the vision since everyone always assumed the worst.”

Ok, Hélène, what does this has to do with successful Business Mogul Myron Golden?

 This morning, Myron Golden walked us through different laws and explained the Law of Polarity. The law of Polarity is the principle that everything has an opposite. We can see [and feel] the difference and choose for ourselves. Without one, the other would not exist, and one is created out of the absence of the other.

Golden said: “Have you ever seen a one-side coin? A one-side paper? No indeed. Everything has two sides, a positive and negative. There’s a high, and the opposite of it, a low. You cannot avoid it as it comes together.”

Now here’s to the lesson: which side will you choose to focus on? Which polar will you allow to control your being, mindset, activity, and property? Most of us focus on the negative and give energy and substance to the adverse conditions and situations around us. I’m calling it #situationalNegativity.

So again, which will you be focusing on and manifesting?

I’ve always come across people that told me some things are beyond control and “you just gotta deal with it”… maybe true… to some extent, but how will you deal with it?

In the words of my utterly great friend Bryn Drescher, “will you let it defeat you (hence using it as an excuse not to do or become your purposeful self) OR will you RISE to it?”

Tío Bruno and Myron had one thing in common: they both understood the power of the law of polarity.  People choose to see the worst and use it as an excuse instead of understanding that the negative polar of a situation is the “worst” and that the only other way is the positive polar of said situation. Will you choose to remain in the negative or rise to your authentic self: a positive and hopeful self.

Another wisdom Myron shared was on giving high energy and manifesting it.

 I was often told at work that my energy has always been on high, and I always came across as hella passionate. Myron reminded me that it is my superpower.

“High energy success cannot survive on low energy beings.”

Lastly, and also a major spoiler, Mirabel was never given magical powers but saved the family and town by looking for the answer, the source of the why (why were the cracks happening), and discovering that she was the true miracle. All the girl did was believe in herself and her family and see their authentic self (beyond their magical power).

You all…it’s time to believe in yourself and not allow 2022 (or a potential new lockdown) to determine how successful we will be or not.

I know this isn’t the typical content I write about, and as a coach, I work and serve the people, not the industry, so I encourage you to reassess your strength and focus on that.

You are in control. You are powerful beyond your “9-5,” I am honored to have you part of the journey. Happy New Year!