103. The Need For Black Marketers in All Areas of Marketing with Michelle Ngome




October 19, 2022


Michell Ngome shares how she noticed that there is a need for black marketers and how important it is to make all areas of marketing inclusive. With this in mind, she created a community called African American Marketing Association and a podcast called Marketing for the Culture Podcast.

Time stamp:

00:00:54 – Getting to know Michelle Ngome and her business

00:05:24 – Pivoting in the business despite having a plan

00:06:58 – Diversity-inclusive marketing service

00:07:54 – When do businesses call Michelle

00:10:58 – Diversity in companies and how they define it

00:11:16 – Signs to know when it’s time to call Michelle

Meet Our Team:

00:14:59 – Michelle’s 5-point framework for inclusive marketing

00:19:31 – Investing in your peace of mind

00:22:31 – Fun things happening in Michelle’s community

00:24:20 – How to be a part of their community

00:25:06 – The perfect sponsor

00:28:28 – The importance of having a great network

00:33:07 – Words of wisdom from Michelle

00:37:30 – Michelle’s first encounter with programmatic advertising