106. Inspiring newbies to be #selftaught in getting into the Adtech industry with Pedro




November 8, 2022


Pedro Sanchez is a self-taught Director of Partnerships at diDNA who was a publisher first. In this episode, Pedro shares his journey into being part of the diDNA and how it is to be a Latino in the Adtech industry.


00:00:46 – Who is Pedro Sanchez

00:02:03 – Getting to know diDNA from the inside

00:02:51 – CTV and Adtech Innovation

00:08:52 – Pedro’s experience being a publisher

00:15:33 – 3 things you need to know when you’re starting on your journey in the Adtech World

00:16:45 – Being Latino in Adtech

00:20:37 – Describing Pedro’s job to a 5-year-old kid

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