Historical Background on Cookie Targeting with Nish Desai




March 31, 2021


In the Sensei’s Corner this week, we welcome Nish Desai, director of technology, and partnership with Xaxis. Founded in 2011, Xaxis is a programmatic media company that empowers its clients to reach out to their customers through different touchpoints. Today’s episode was recorded just short of a year ago and we discussed when Google first announced third-party cookies deprecation and the effects they can have on ad spending. Although Browser IDs will not be a tangible solution based on Google’s latest announcement (in 2021), the conversation with Nish really brought up some historical explanation on Cookie targeting and additional resource to consider (in 2021)

Nish and I recorded an updated episode that will be published next with newer information based on the 1Q 2021.

This week we will be referring to the article:

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Article #1 Why we need a browser-based identity standard

Google has announced that it will end third-party cookie support, which has caused shock waves throughout the industry. Third-party cookies are what allow platforms to create an identity for themselves. Google’s announcement to end third-party cookies within the Chrome browser is in line with their privacy-focused efforts. This means that third-party platforms will no longer be able to properly identify users across sites. Implementing a browser-based ID could be a new way of tracking users through the open web with the user’s permission.

Diversity and Inclusion Segment

Xaxis aims to highlight diversity and empowers women in the workplace to take on more leadership roles. To promote diversity in the workplace, a group named X Unity was created, and to further empower women, a female organization called X Women was also established. Before COVID, Xaxis would hold a monthly event where a leader from the community that was a prominent female or prominent person of color, came to tell their story and encourage others to get more involved. Xaxis does this to highlight the members of their community and the workforce.

Nish’s Book of the Moment

Advice for Younger Self

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask more questions. If you have a question, most likely, others will have the same question to ask. Ask questions that don’t relate to your actual job description to stand out.”

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