148. A Buyer’s Introduction to Made For Arbitrage (MFA) Sites




April 16, 2024


Could your ad dollars be slipping through the cracks of digital advertising? Our latest episode peels back on the shady world of Made for Arbitrage (MFA) sites, where clickbait is king and quality content takes a backseat. We discuss how your everyday household brands can inadvertently fuel these revenue traps, with the likes of Amazon and Forbes grappling to uphold ad integrity amidst site spoofing shenanigans. With a dive into Adalytics reports and the challenges of frequency capping, we’re on a mission to empower programmatic traders and buyers to recognize and evade these digital landmines.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your understanding of MFA(s) and steer clear of its pitfalls, tune in for an episode that combines practical insights with actionable advice—and yes, next week, we’ll unravel yet another layer of the ad tech onion, Adalytics report #2 on Forbes!

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(00:03 – 00:28) Arbitrage vs. Advertising

(04:08 – 05:41) Understanding MFA Websites and KPIs

(06:53 – 08:51) High Ad Density and MFA Sites

(11:32 – 13:10) Website Analysis and Verification Tools

(19:08 – 21:02) Inefficiencies in Digital Advertising Industry

(21:09 – 24:44) Ad Placement on MFA Websites

(25:53 – 28:36) Maximizing Efficiency With AI Tools

(36:45 – 37:52) Toy Factory Production Tracking System, a Tale of ChatGPT

(44:33 – 45:01) Chrome Extensions for Industry Knowledge

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