Navigating Through Google’s And Waze’s Partnership With Alexis Day




August 21, 2019



This week, we discuss the new acquisition of Flywheel by WP Engine after recent partnership with HubSpot. Brace yourself! Ads are coming to your IG Explore tab. A new bill to rid of political bias for Tech companies is going to shake things up or is it? ConnectedTV continues to grow at 13% YOY and Roku is still going strong with 30% of those sales. 40% of consumers say Remarketing annoys and 46% said it prompts concerns about privacy. Do targeted ads have the same impact on the Sell side as on the buy side?

Later on, Alexis Day joins us in the Sensei’s Corner to help navigate through couple MarketingLand articles on Google’s and Waze’s partnership.

Alexis Day is an experienced marketing professional with a focus in creative development, digital marketing, media planning/buying, project/campaign management, strategy, brand integration, and sponsorship/promotions. Overall, She has a knack for not only creating and leading conversations but influencing and helping people get their message out. You will certainly feel her charismatic energy in this episode and on her very own podcast The Brand Equation where she is the co-host of the show.

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Article #1:

The WordPress digital experience platform, WP Engine announced a deal to acquire competitor Flywheel in addition to new partnership with HubSpot. Both announcements bring together technologies that seek to create better experiences for marketing and sales users within the WordPress ecosystem, says Jennifer Cannon in MarketingLand article.

“These two strategic moves by WP Engine are indicative of the consolidation trend we’re seeing across the Martech landscape. Consolidation is particularly strong around WordPress, which currently accounts for 34% of websites globally. By bringing together HubSpot’s free CRM tools with the plugin, marketers can expect to manage fewer tools, find low-code solutions for marketing and have a centralized data source. The alignments with both Flywheel and HubSpot should improve marketers’ accessibility to technology and tools while creating better data management opportunities” quoting directly from the article.

Article #2:

The rumors have been confirmed. Instagram announced the beginning of ads in the explore tab. Amy Gesenhues explains in MarketingLand article that Instagram has been experiencing more user engagement growth than Facebook and similarly, so is Instagram’s advertising business. So is this of any surprise that IG is trying to explore ways to add revenue?

Gesenhues adds in quoting “In the initial rollout, Instagram will only show ads to users after they’ve engaged with Explore content. Ads will be eligible to show to users once they have tapped on a photo or video within Explore. Then, Instagram said, the user, “May begin to see ads as part of their browsing experience just like in the main feed.”


Article #3:

eMarketer principal analyst Nicole Perrin and vice president of multimedia Paul Verna discuss new legislation aimed at eliminating supposed political bias from social platforms proposed by Missouri senator Josh Halle. The new law will get rid of the shield protecting Tech companies, precisely internet publishing companies distributing users content that will not be accountable for the content. Those Tech companies could get their protection back once they’ve proven that internal reviewing process has been proven non-politically bias. Verna points out that any action to implement a neutral review process is almost impossible considering individuals coming in with personal biases before reviewing certain content. Perrin denounces how politically neutral is definitely impossible.

Article #4:

“Roku remains the leading set-top box/software platform for connected TV sets in the U.S.– now hitting 41 million devices, according to Strategy Analytics.

As of the first-quarter, Roku now commands 15.2% of all media streaming devices when looking at set-top boxes and Roku-software installs on smart TVs.” quoting from Wayne Friedman in an article in MediaPost. Following behind is Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Samsung’s Tizen, Google (Android TV/Chromecast), Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo, Apple TV, WebOS.

Overall, ConnectedTV grew 13% year over year in Q1 and Roku’s streaming TV platform accounted for more than 30% of those sales.” quoting Wayne Friedman in MediaPost article, Roku Commands 15% Of All Media Streaming Devices.


Article #5:

Next is a MediaPost article 40% Of Consumers Say Remarketing Annoys, Distracts Them by Laurie Sullivan

According to research from The Intent Lab, a research partnership between Performics and Northwestern University, approximately 40% of shoppers dislike seeing the same advertisement repeatedly. As us programmatic ninjas know, if the campaign is not set up correctly, remarketing could have the opposite results on the receiving consumers. Dan Malachowski, VP of marketing at Performics said “About 23% of respondents who encountered seeing the same ad from the brand repeatedly said they purchased the product from the brand.”

The article covered some pretty interesting facts which include the following that stood out to me the most:

  • 38% of consumers who approved of being remarketed with the same ad said it allowed them to find a better price from a different seller
  • 25% said they consider it personalized advertising
  • 19% like that it allows for postponing a purchase without losing research
  • 18% consider it a reminder to buy something
  • 53% of respondents said remarketing doesn’t affect their opinion of the brand, yet 40% cite remarketing as annoying or distracting.
  • 41% won’t click on an advertisement
  • 46% said remarketing prompts concerns about privacy


Sensei’s Corner Guest: Alexis Day, Co-host of The Brand Equation podcast

Interview Article #1

Google has been in the spotlight in the couple weeks (since their Google Marketing platform live event last month) They are coming out with a few new updates including this pretty cool update with Google and Waze.

Search Engine land published an article on June 10th explaining that Google phone owners will now be able to initiate Waze commands hands-free. “Hey Google, report accident, avoid tolls, report police” without touching screens. The iPhone version is supposed to come later on.


Interview Article #2

Waze introduced Ads for SMBs last year I believe, ads including incentive – free coffee at Wawa, or a branded pin ( reminding drivers that your business is near or on route) or the what they call “zero speed which is a small takeover of an offer).


Interview Article #3

Waze has been rumored to becoming the next thang to bridge OOH and Digital – partnered with McDonald’s where a driver was shown the same ad as the billboard.


Interview Article #4

Our next topic is somewhat related and is regarding Bing Local inventory from Laurie Sullivan’s commentary in the MediaPost, which is offering marketers an easier way to serve ads to the consumer searching online for a product while physically in-store and or for nearby products. Microsoft Advertising is close to releasing this product mid-year and they are now calling for companies and brands to use the product.


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