138. Multicultural Targeting in Programmatic Media with Iesha White




October 13, 2023


Iesha White is a programmatic media expert with over 10 years experience working for companies like Tinuiti, Sony Pictures, Xaxis, PureCars, etc. She walks us through the importance of multicultural targeting in programmatic advertising and how to implement accordingly. We cover some essential discussion points including why a person’s identity isn’t brand unsafe!!!!!!! (yes, we had to explain why excluding keywords such as “black” or “asian” or “queer” is unacceptable and simply wrong!!!). Another important focus was why consider adding multicultural media and how it can affect the bottom line for brands.

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00:00:25 – www.jobsinadtech.com
00:01:35 – Leave us a review on iTunes
00:02:10 – Meet Iesha White
00:05:45 – How She Landed in Programmatic (super interesting story 😅🤣!)
00:11:01 – Shoutout to Gabriel Cohen at Magnite
00:11:50 – The Importance of a diverse team, how it influence my career
00:12:45 – Black People, Queer are often blocked for brand safety reasons, wtf??
00:15:22 – What, How, and Why multicultural targeting is important
00:17:02 – Less than 7% is spent in multicultural media where 40% of the US population is.
00:19:52 – Black owned media ain’t interested in programmatic and prefer direct deals
00:23:03 – Best practices: what you should do
00:25:17 – One’s identity isn’t brand unsafe
00:27:05 – Reaching out to your DSP team to fix it!
00:27:05 – Reach and Frequency™️ program is looking for partners to offer internships/employment
00:32:15 – Why consider spending on diverse/multicultural media
00:37:55 – Targeting strategy
00:40:01 – Actionable insight for buyers/brands
00:44:35 – Iesha’s Word of Wisdom

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