140. Mastering Programmatic Buying in Compliance with COPPA Guidelines




January 16, 2024


In this week’s episode, we welcome Saray Mora, programmatic expert and she helps answers the following questions/topics:
– What does it take to build a programmatic strategy under COPPA guidelines
– Explaining COPPA laws and best practices
– Brand safety targeting and challenges

About Us:
Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media buying and find a dream job.
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Hélène Parker has over 10 years of experience in programmatic media buying, servicing agencies and brands in activation, strategy and planning, and leadership. She now dedicates her time to recruiting and training programmatic traders while consulting companies on how to grow and scale a programmatic department.
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00:00:15 – Jobs in Adtech
00:01:01 – Meet Saray Moray
00:03:15 – Programmatic training is intense
00:05:05 – Building a Programmatic team from scratch
00:07:10 – Challenges in LATAM – Limitation in some platform access
00:10:45 – Understanding the difference between a buy-side trader vs. sell-side adops
00:13:38 – YouTube’s Negative Impact on Youth Targeting
00:15:20 – Explaining COPPA and Best Practices
00:19:30 – Best Practices under COPPA’s laws
00:21:05 – Challenges with inclusive and exclusive list
00:23:55 – 3 things to remember to be coppa compliant in your targeting
00:27:01 – the importance of having a specialised team player
00:30:05 – Cute interruptions from my co-worker :)
00:31:35 – Saray’s Word of Wisdom

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Manuela Cortes – Co-Host
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