142. Breaking Down the Advertising Supply Chain with Industry Insights




February 12, 2024


In a recent episode, Kurt Donnell from Freestar simplifies the intricacies of online ad auctions, emphasizing financial success for content creators through Freestar’s adept monetization solutions. The evolving digital adscape is explored, with a focus on supply path optimization and AI’s role in real-time ad adjustments without disrupting user experience.

Freestar’s ad tech associate program is highlighted as a platform nurturing diverse skill sets. The importance of soft skills, including communication and curiosity, is stressed for thriving in the dynamic ad tech industry.

Kurt shares personal insights on networking, mentorship, and the value of questioning, providing a playbook for success.

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00:00:10 – https://www.jobsinadtech.com/
00:00:11 – Emerging Tech and Internal Growth Programs
00:02:45 – Journey Into and Through Ad Tech
00:12:35 – Automated Optimization and Machine Decision-Making
00:19:21 – Training Program Challenges and Group Placement
00:23:49 – Reasons for Leaving and Career Growth
00:25:47 – Communication and Curiosity in Career Development

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