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February 3, 2022


Programmatic advertising is projected to reach over $155 Billion USD in 2022 (apparently that number is growing 😬…)

The average salary in a year can range between $55,000-$135,000 USD, depending on your region.

Marketers and Brands say they recorded a 30-60% revenue increase with programmatic advertising (Thanks to its efficiency and targeting capabilities)

This is an overwhelming intimidating industry! We love buzzwords! Technologies are advancing faster than the rest of us! Expectations are that we find our ways for training, and we are expected to continue being experts without being supported in our journey.

Despite it all, it is an exciting and lucrative industry to join, and some of the aforementioned are why I created the Reach and Frequency Course launching 22 FEB 22.

In this course, I’m teaching someone with almost no advertising and marketing experience how to start a career in programmatic advertising. You will learn everything from the fundamentals to how to run a campaign within seven modules successfully, 40-50 lessons, in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish, and American Sign Language. (I’m not playing with this industry – We are going to disrupt and provide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

I am providing knowledge and resource for you to implement and execute while offering a community of like-minded experts to bounce off the knowledge you are acquiring!

Here are three additional challenges when it comes to learning in our field that also fueled my effort to launch the Reach and Frequency Course on 2/22/22 :

  1. Limited Accessibility: Training is currently provided by Ad Techs and Partners limiting individuals with no affiliation from learning. A major entry barrier!
  2. All Are Not Created Equal: Training provided by AdTechs can be skewed toward how to utilize their platforms best, although a decent picture of fundamentals is included.
  3. Lack Of User Focus: Training can be focused on the technology capabilities removing the human aspect of the learning journey for those that will use the platform. (Yes! We do Love some Buzzwords! But no point for them if no one understands them!)

Why Should I Take This Course?

  1. Flexibility: Learn at your rhythm and whenever you see fit. Enjoy learning in English, French, and Spanish with respective captions offered.
  2. Career Advancement: You will be able to start a career in paid advertising and programmatic media, earning anywhere from $55,000–$135,000 USD (** vary based on your region).
  3. Affordability: Investment can be $599 per module offering a la carte options or a total investment of $2,975. Join the Waitlist and Cash in on premium perks, including $200 OFF when you pre-order before 2/20/22.
  4. Improve Technical Skills: Programmatic media requires agility and attention to details and learning what and how, bonus training and productivity, Excel, and more.
  5. Improve SelfDiscipline: This course is designed and encourages an interactive learning style where WorkBooks and Best Practice Guides will be offered. You will have to commit, train, and execute to get the best transformation.
  6. Community: Get to Join the Programmatic Meetup Community once modules 1-5 are completed. Grow with like-minded professionals already working in the field, receive ongoing industry trends training, and more. You will enjoy your first six months of the community free.

Learn From Me – Hélène Parker!

Expect clear definitions, easy-to-understand examples, workbooks, and guides to help remember, hands-on activities, and professional recommendations from myself and other experts in my networks. (Like What I learned and what not to do 😃)

In the early stage of my career, I remembered thinking, “How I wish I could learn from someone I can relate to.”

My goal is to help as many as possible and give them the power to learn whenever and whatever they want without depending on an “employer” to box us into limited knowledge to benefit them before us. Take Control and Unleash Your Power!

I’m already receiving calls from Media companies and agencies about hiring some of the graduates from the course. Stay Tuned on the Job placements service I’m creating with this course.

Join the Waitlist and Cash in on premium perks, including $200 OFF when you pre-order before 2/20/22.