How To Maximize Your Mobile Targeting Strategy, amidst Apple DSP news




August 5, 2022


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Announcement Of The week:

The last couple of weeks have been lit with announcements. Google announced that they were pushing cookie deprecation to 2024. In the most recent episode of the Programmatic Digest podcast, I review how it all started. Why are we even talking about this? I demystify the term Cookieless Future in episode 94: The Cookieless Future.

That episode was pulled from a bonus session I offered in Module 5 of The Reach and Frequency™ where cover targeting mix (what they are, why they are important, and when to use)

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Noteworthy News of the Week:

Both, Allisson Schiff at AdExchanger and Ronan Shields at Digiday have written about this. Apple is building a DSP.

Here are my takeaways:

  • Apple is building a data-driven ad platform to serve ads on the App Store, the mobile web, and third-party properties. The company would not confirm the plans or provide additional context.
  • Apple has built a vast walled garden of connected products and Apple services. It has now announced plans to add two new ad placements in the App Store, one on the Today tab and the other on product pages.
  • Apple is making aggressive moves into advertising, and this move speaks to the anti-competitive nature of cookie-blocking and mobile ad ID-blocking on the open web and in-app ecosystems.

Actionable Insight:

Programmatic ninjas, what should we make of this announcement?

From a buyer’s perspective, it will give us additional options for mobile targeting, especially since measurement and attribution are so limited nowadays.

Understanding the impact today will shape tomorrow’s decisions, so here are some things you consider looking into now:

  • How much mobile-focused traffic are you bidding and buying? How much of it is in-app? This will help determine if you should test Apple DSP or not. This will also help you understand the impact of signal loss in your campaign.
  • Take it one step further: where are we serving? Look at the inventory source, including the seller, publishers, SSPs, and the app/event. Make sure you take into account your campaign goals and your primary KPI.
  • It’s time to speak up: Reach out to the partners that are not performing and demand refunds. Yes, I said it! Demand refunds for underperforming and brand-unsafe inventory! Make sure you also hold your DSP’s team accountable for working with these partners.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to remove or reduce bidding on google ad ex inventory! A large inventory does NOT result in higher conversions.
  • One more time for the people in the back: a large impressions count does not prove conversion increase.

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