What is Progammatic Activation?




January 2, 2023


Hi there,

Running a programmatic team is anything but automated.

Let’s define what programmatic media activation even means. If you know me, you know I am big on words and definitions, as we all hear the same thing (sometimes) but comprehend differently.

According to Oxford languages, Activation is the action or process of making something active or operative.

When we hear programmatic media activation, it is the operation and procedures needed to launch a programmatic media buy, whether it is a campaign in 1 or several DSPs.

In this module, we will answer the following questions:
What does it take to onboard, set up, QA, and activate a programmatic media campaign?
How much time is needed to do so?
Who should be involved?
What should we use?   
How do we prove ROI? And so much more comes to mind.

The goal of this Module is to answer the aforementioned and help explain what fundamentals are needed to activate programmatic media.

Here’s the short answer.

Focus on efficiency in:

  • The Platform
  • The Process
  • The People

The success of the programmatic media department is the people, not just the technology.. and you need to bridge both with standardized internal processes.

Understanding the process, effort, and people involved in activating a programmatic ad campaign is going to be the difference between Good to Great!

Cheers to leveling up!

Your Programmatic Coach


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