85. AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O Las Vegas: My Takeaways




June 7, 2022


In this episode of the programmatic digest, I review my 4 biggest takeaways from the AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in Las Vegas. If you want the tweet version, it will be:

  • Streaming Fundamentals
  • Data Clean Rooms, what you need to know? 
  • Programmatic Activation: actionable insights
  • Birthday Month Specials: VIP Days available to review your current programmatic activation and level up.


00 — Special Episode on Takeaway from the Programmatic I/O Las Vegas

02:20 — Shoutout To Shiv and the UofD Newsletter

06:05 — Notes on the Trade Desk and Dish Network panel 

07:16 — Gabriel Gomes comment

09:23 — Story time about the eMarketers 

10:17 — Meeting Paul Verna was everything I need in my life 

12:47 — What To Expect in the next 18-24 months by Paul Verna

14:45 — Data Clean Rooms Panel with Ari Paparo, Kaitie Coghlan, Lauren Wetzel

22:38 — William Sonoma and Jounce Media Presentation

24:55 — Honorary Mention to Jessica B. Lee’s presentation

26:13 — Intergral Ads Science Presentation by Tony Marlow

29:00 — ShareThrough’s presentation by  Frank Maguire 

32:22 — Programmatic Activation Starter Pack 

37:28 — The importance of standardization in Programmatic Activation

40:04 — The Secret Sauce to Employee Retention

45:05 — VIP Days for your Programmatic Activation 

49:38 — Birthday Month Special! Woot Woot! 

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