104. How To Leverage LinkedIn in Your Job Search with Vincent Edwards




October 25, 2022


Vincent Edwards joins us today to share how he uses LinkedIn as a leverage tool in searching for your next job. Vincent talks about how LinkedIn can be a platform where you can be genuine, funny, and professional. 

Time stamp:

00:01:00 – Who is Vincent Edwards

00:02:09 – How Helene and Vincent met

00:03:22 – Iterations, Strategy, and Some Luck in finding a job on LinkedIn

00:05:31 – Vincents’ first time being laid off

00:11:25 – What it’s like being on LinkedIn every day, reaching out to hiring managers

00:18:13 – The LinkedIn post that got Vincent 50+ job interviews on LinkedIn

00:19:26 – Vincent’s biggest lessons

00:21:28 – The reason Vincent chose his job now out of the 50+ job interviews

00:22:57 – A challenge in life where Vincent wishes he could’ve changed something

00:28:41 – A fun fact about Vincent

00:31:34 – Latest book Vincent read

00:35:10 – Words of wisdom from Vincent Edwards

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