107. How MediaSpace.Global Can Increase Your Professional Reach with Kinga Incze




November 15, 2022


Kinga Incze joins us today to discuss her community and discuss the importance of education and investing in yourself. She also shares about her ongoing course that’s perfect for people from different levels, may you be a beginner or in the leadership team. 


00:00:54 – Who is Kinga Incze

00:04:32 -Biggest thing about the Mediaspace Global Community

00:06:35 – Top 3 takeaways from the most recent networking event in Kinga’s community

00:09:11 – “You should be in a room where you can absorb and impart knowledge”

00:11:52 – Importance of networking and reaching out

00:13:48 – The role of community and community builders

00:19:02 – Special Announcement

00:20:18 – The Well-Connected Leader Course

00:21:03 – If you’re a leader, you need to hear this

00:23:40 – One fun fact about Kinga

00:24:16 – Words of wisdom from Kinga

00:26:20 – Connect with Kinga

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