112. Growing A Global Team Successfully with Julio Monzon




December 27, 2022


This week we are excited to welcome Julio Monzon to the Sensei’s Corner! Julio is the President of MonetizeMore, which is a leading publisher monetization company helping digital publishers improve their ad operations and yield management practices. This week we are focusing on the topic of how to grow a global team successfully.


00:01:17 – Who is Julio Monzon

00:02:53 – Company culture

00:04:05 – Diversity within the company

00:04:21 – Does the way he runs the business affect recruitment?

00:06:34 – Employee engagement

00:12:15 – Explosive Growth

00:13:47 – Interview Questions

00:16:58 – DiSC Assessment

00:19:48 – Something Julio’s most excited about in the industry

00:23:25 – A fun fact about Julio

00:24:15 – A place Julio visited that was unexpectedly amazing

00:26:05 – Julio’s biggest what if 

00:27:54 – What would you tell your younger self?

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