114. Is Media Value Based On Currency or Measurement? Seraj Bharwani Address




January 10, 2023


This week we are excited to welcome Seraj Bharwani. He talks about currency and measurement. Also, this episode is where he addresses the question: Is media buying based on currency or measurement? Along with these, Seraj also touched based on brand safety. 


00:01:22 – Who is Seraj Bahrwani

00:04:38 – Talking about the consumer journey

00:11:45 – The Journey Metaphor

00:13:04 – Democratizing programmatic advertising

00:13:17 – There should be no limits on what people want to run

00:14:45 – Communicating the end results to clients

00:17:34 – The currency is in the results driven from it

00:22:13 – Unduplicated reach explained

00:25:55 – Discussing customer propensity

00:27:46 – Messy Middle Loop

00:29:42 – Awareness of education

00:30:25 – One thing you should remember from this episode

00:33:17 – One thing Seraj wishes he knew then that he knows now

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