134. Why Consider Agency Trading Desk with Marc Poirier at Klever Programmatic




July 4, 2023


“Listen more, talk less.”

This is one of the words of wisdom imparted by our special guest, Marc Poirier, the CEO and Co-founder of Klever Programmatic. He also shares his thoughts about agency trading desks, how to get started in the programmatic industry, and his inspiring journey. Marc gave emphasis on how they’ve discovered that success comes from putting people first and putting the value of a human over anything else. 

If you want to know the best practices on how you develop relationships with clients, this episode is perfect for you. So, tune in now! 

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00:02:46 – Who is Marc Poirier?

00:05:25 – Defining Programmatic to a 5 year old

00:06:08 – Klever and Marc’s Industry Projections

00:19:12 – Challenges in the programmatic industry

00:25:33 – Properly communicating the KPIs needed to be measured

00:28:25 – Not putting enough emphasis on people

00:38:41 – Marc’s message to his freshman self

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