128. Latest CTV/OTT Update with Shiv Gupta




June 27, 2023


In today’s episode, we’re thrilled to have U of Digital’s Shiv Gupta as our guest. He enriches this week’s discussion by delving into significant developments surrounding audience fragmentation, streaming, and the most recent CTV/OTT updates. Additionally, Shiv addresses questions from our community and imparts valuable insights and words of wisdom.

“We’re all going through a tough time right now. Keep your head up. There’s plenty of opportunities out there. In every down turn in history, the people who are most creative and innovative and aggressive come out doing the best on the other side.”

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00:00:34 – 2 Wins and a Challenge 

00:06:21 – Get to Know Shiv Gupta and His Goal for the Year 

00:10:54 – Top Things That You Should Know that Has Happened in 2023 in terms of Audience Fragmentation and Streaming (Part 1)

00:17:21 –  ACR Being the Next Privacy Concern

00:22:19 –  Would OEMs use the ACR data to customise what we see on TV?

00:23:34 –  Top Things That You Should Know that Has Happened in 2023 in terms of Audience Fragmentation and Streaming (Part 2)

00:26:43 – Defining Acronyms 

00:28:42 – Fragmentation Problems 

00:36:48 – Where does the Inventory for CTV come from?

00:41:55 – Words of Wisdom

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