Programmatic Digest Podcast 56. Why Should You Consider CDP?




October 19, 2021


In the Sensei’s corner, We welcome Vera Shafiq who is the Vice President of Digital Strategy at Location3. Vera has worked in our industry for many years but has very recently transitioned to Location3. Location3 is a digital agency that specializes in enterprise strategy with a local activation. Vera starts off this week’s conversation by introducing CDP’s (Customer Data Platforms). We Dive deeper into the topic by going into detail about the differences of CDP versus CRM’s (Customer Relationship Managements) and DMP’s (Database Management Platforms). We talk about how CDP can be used in different ways to reach customers with relevant messaging without the use of  third-party cookies. We talked about best strategies of how agencies can get started with CDP’s and some examples of how Location3 uses CDP’s. We wrapped the conversation with how we can strategically automate this process.

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00:00 – Podcast Introduction

01:11 – Guest Introduction

04:19 – What Is a CDP?

06:38 – Differences of CDP & CRM

08:08 – CDP vs DMP

09:56 – How to Use CDP’s

12:54 – 10 Ways CDP Solve Marketing Challenges

13:56 – How CDP’s Can Replace 3rd Party Cookies

16:13 – Where Do I Start?

19:23 – How Location3 Uses CDP’s

22:50 – The Programmatic Meetup

30:23 – Automation

33:55 – Last Remarks

45:14 Podcast Outro