Programmatic Digest Podcast 57. Tips On Talent Retention With Matt Barash




October 26, 2021


In the Sensei’s corner, We welcome Matt Barash, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Zeotap. Matt has been in the advertising and technology industry for over 20 years, He has worked with companies such as Myspace, Forbes, and Newscorp. Matt starts off this week’s conversation by giving us tips on how to build a great team from the ground up, in a time where there is such a big push towards automation. We highlight ways on how to make managers and employees feel encouraged to participate in the growth of company culture. We talk DISC Assessment and how it can be used as a way to gear the way you put together a team or how you can understand your current teams. From his opinion on the current recruiting style to multigenerational teams, Matt Barash is one a kind, giving us an unique perspective on how to scale and grow teams

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00:00 – Podcast Introduction

01:58 – Guest Introduction

04:43 – Programmatic Meetup

06:49 – What is Zeotap?

10:16 – Building your Team

12:10 – Great Managers = Great Teams

15:05 – Company Culture

16:52 – Aligning with Employee Milestones

20:40 – DiSC Assessment

22:53 – Lack of Employee Talent

30:47 – Multi-generational Team Members

35:11 – Last Remarks

43:16 – Podcast Outro