Programmatic Digest Podcast 65.Psychological Safety In The Programmatic Industry




December 21, 2021



We are super excited to welcome Ali Manning to the Sensei’s Corner this week! Ali is COO & Co-founder of Chalice Custom Algorithms, an ad tech company based in Brooklyn, NY. On the podcast this week we talk about psychological safety in the programmatic industry. We started off the conversation by discussing tools to prevent burnout. We discussed the article,” realizing the true potential of machine learning” and Ali gave us her viewpoint on how brands and agencies that are operating in-house can utilize machine learning. Ali wraps up this week’s conversation by weighing in on how the great resignation has affected our industry.

Ali is remarkable and her energy is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟✅ . She is truly and authentically living and if you are not already, Follow her on LinkedIn – You will not regret it!

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00:00 – Podcast Intro

01:35 – Guest Introduction

11:28 – The Programmatic Meetup

13:34 – Tools to avoid burnout

18:49 – Realizing the Potential of Machine Learning

19:31 – How to utilize machine learning

34:07 – Last Remarks

45:15- Podcast Outro