Programmatic Digest Podcast 70. How To Grow A Global Team Successfully




January 25, 2022


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This week we are excited to welcome Julio Monzon to the Sensei’s Corner! Julio is the President of MonetizeMore which is a leading publisher monetization company helping digital publishers improve their ad operations and yield management practices. This week we are focusing on the topic of how to grow a global team successfully. We start off the conversation by talking about how MonetizeMore was able to keep up with its company culture throughout the pandemic. Julio gives us his Strategy on Diversity & Inclusion when recruiting for his company and how it has changed as the company has grown. He also goes in-depth on how the company has put fun things in place to encourage and promote employee engagement. Julio gives us the inside scoop on what specific interview question answers he and his team look for when hiring new employees. We wrap up this week’s conversation by talking about some goals and exciting things MonetizeMore is for in the coming year.

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00:00 – Podcast Intro

01:30 – Guest Introduction 

03:49 – Company Culture

05:05 – WorkReduce Advert

10:15 – Employee Engagement

13:10 – Explosive Growth

16:20 – Interview Questions

18:01 – DiSC Assessment

25:00 – Closing Remarks

29:10 – Podcast Outro