126. How A Nurse Started in Programmatic Media




June 13, 2023


Gulshan started as a nurse and realised that her passion was outside of the medical field.  She knew she wanted to work in Marketing but did not know where to start. Luckily, her grad school professor recommended that she looked into programmatic and that is how she “fell” into the programmatic industry where she is now working for an ad agency who specialise in pharma and healthcare brands.
Gulshan is such an inspiration for standing up for herself and pursuing something she wanted to and not being afraid to start “again” and take risk learning something new.
It’s never too late to pivot into a new  career and there’s no expiration or deadline to your journey and growth. 

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Hélène Parker has over 10 years of experience in programmatic media buying, servicing agencies and brands in activation, strategy and planning, and leadership.  She now dedicates her time to recruiting and training programmatic traders while consulting companies on how to grow and scale a programmatic department. 

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00:01:01 – Who is Gulshan Fazal

00:05:44 – How Gulshan got into programmatic

00:07:11 – Education and Activation at Parker Consulting

00:10:33 – Gulshan’s Soul Searching Experience

00:12:53 – Explaining what Gulshan does to a 5 years old

00:15:23 – Transferable Skill Set

00:18:24 – Gulshan’s Best Practices

00:20:32 – Running a creative message in healthcare

00:23:18 – Fun fact about Gulshan

00:28:32 – Words of Wisdom from Gulshan

00:20:44 – Why should anybody join the program

00:22:20 – Fun Fact about Gulshan Fazal

00:23:40 – Words of Wisdom from Gulshan Fazal

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