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June 23, 2023


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Announcement Of The Week:

“I’m fairly certain being enrolled in the program is what made me a viable candidate, so thank you for taking the time and effort to create this course!”

🌟 From a Reach and Frequency™️ ninja who is starting a new job in paid media/programmatic  🌟

We cover the technical skills needed for the most in-demand job, the programmatic media trader, in our Reach and Frequency™️ training, giving you an edge in your digital marketing and paid media job search.

It will also introduce you to a network of active hiring managers/recruiters in the programmatic field and alike partners.

DM or Grab some time on my calendar to discuss your option and decide if this program is a fit in your career growth:


Programmatic Ninja We Celebrate:

Kelly Beckford is a former kindergarten teacher looking for a new career in the digital advertising and programmatic media industry. She’s completed the Reach and Frequency™️ program this past quarter and is interested in any coordinator or specialist opportunity in programmatic or paid media.

Kelly’s energy is always positive, patient, and charismatic! She is a great fit for any team!

Check out her LinkedIN

Here’s what Kelly shared about her experience in the program:

“I joined this program in hopes of gaining new knowledge to help me pivot into a new career field. I was looking for a fresh, interesting & innovative industry and that’s exactly what I found! I love how the programmatic field is so fluid and encourages continuous learning and growth!”  Kelly Beckford

Reach out to Kelly for more info and let’s get her a job!!!

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This Week’s on the Programmatic Digest podcast

🚨 Ep 127 is now live on YouTube and all major podcast platforms! 🚨

In this episode, Myles Younger from U of Digital talks about data privacy, data clean rooms, and identity from definition to hot takes. Listen on Spotify and Apple iTunes Now!

Noteworthy News of the Week:

We are approaching the end of Q2 2023 and that means a few things including end of campaign or end of month/quarter reporting.

Here’s an article we wrote about how to execute a report efficiently including telling a story using campaign performance data:

 Reporting Hack: How To Tell A Story With Data

You can also check out additional resource to help with pulling your analysis during your optimization:

Optimization Masterclass on Programmatic Targeting Levers Preview

Programmatic Activation – How To Optimize Data Segment

3 Tips to Optimize Data Segments

News from Croisette:

Our amazing co-host Manuela Cortes is at Cannes Festival 2023.

Make sure you schedule to meet with her here or say Hi to her!


Cheers to leveling up!

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About us:

Our mission is to teach historically excluded people how to get started in programmatic media and find a career. We do so by providing on-demand education, a dope community, and support with job placement.

That is why we founded  The Reach and Frequency™ program where we focus on training programmatic traders and planners with the tools they need to succeed. This program also includes hands-on experience in DSPs and weekly group coaching.

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