3 Tips to Optimize Data Segments




December 28, 2022


Hi there,

Optimization is so important! This is how we are able to control or influence how a campaign performance goes.

Here’s a quick tip:

When optimizing your audience segment list using 3rd party data providers, here are 3 steps to maximize your performance:

  1. When setting up the audience, you do not need to have 20 + segments to increase reach! Be sure to select the key segment intentionally and test 5-8 segments to get started.
  2. When optimizing, always check performing audiences and see if there is a common category or trend to pull (i.e.: If female decision makers have higher conversion and most efficient cost, maybe recommend testing creatives with a female model or family oriented message that could resonate/ connect with the audience)
  3. On the other hand, if data segments are not performing coming for the same data provider/source, I encourage you to reach out to the data provider and let them know that performance is low for their segments. This will lead to building conversations with this partner and they will most likely recommend a plan of action to help!

Request access to our detailed cheat sheet to optimizing data segments here.

This is something you can replicate with other data sources, including Supply sources.

Cheers to leveling up!

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