The VIP DAY: Programmatic Activation Focused on Performance Optimization




June 15, 2022



Programmatic Activation Focused on Performance Optimization

– WHAT –

Let’s spend a day developing guidelines and doing live trainings on How To Optimize programmatic campaigns in 15 mins or less so you can focus more on strategy and business development support.


– HOW –

Spend a day getting the absolute, uninterrupted rockstar treatment leaving you and your team with easy-to-use steps and guides! It’s all impact, in a fraction of time and it looks like:

  • Walk through current goals and strategy for your top campaigns
  • Review C.A.M.P.A.I.G.N.S. framework to understand targeting levers
  • Live optimization session and develop best practices guide
  • Fine-Tune internal workflow

– WHY –

Becoming efficient isn’t an option, it is a must and I will guide you through how freeing more time for you to focus on:

  • Overall tactics and Go-To-Market strategies,
  • Assisting business development opportunities,
  • Continuing to invest in self-development including sharpening your skills,
  • Getting back into daily yoga and self-care (whatever that looks for you!).

“I’ve worked with brand and agency partners where the above framework have helped them gain and retain new talents, and new businesses by almost 15-30%. “

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This is for you if:

  • You have or are part of a team of 10 or fewer, running programmatic campaigns in DSPs, including Basis Technologies, the Trade Desk, DV360/CM360, or AdLib…
  • You’re a programmatic ninja looking to become efficient in their day-to-day, spending less time in manual data pulls and more on strategy
  • It would be best if you had help and support on how to optimize your programmatic campaigns in 15 mins or less and see client’s ROI increase between 15%-30% also leading to more time for business development
  • You’re constantly pulled in multiple directions and can’t find time to do “your work” guilt-free.

At the end of the VIP days, you will:

  1. Clearly understand what targeting levers to focus on first, based on your main KPIs.
  2. Have easy-to-use best practices and guides on the above to automate the onboarding process for your next hire!
  3. Review and adjust your internal workflow to equip and encourage cross departmental collaboration
  4. Every recording of the training that day!

It is only a one-time investment of $5,750 USD


This VIP Day includes:

  • A session on Supply Path Optimization so that you are empowered about joining in a sustainable advertising effort.
  • Access to the Reach and Frequency course for 6 months so that you can continue on your journey to self development at your time and leisure
  • Access to the programmatic meetup community so that you can continue to feel encouraged to grow authentically and share opportunities and challenges your day-to-day me come with

Sign me Up, I’m ready

Subject to availability. Special pricing expires 6/22.

Only a few spots available this month!

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See what other’s have said about training with me:

“Hélène and I have crossed paths professionally a couple times, but I will never forget who helped me build pivot tables, learn acronyms and hit impossible KPI’s during my early days as a media trader. She started as my mentor, demonstrating patience, encouraging me to never stop learning, and challenging me to grow no matter the obstacles that came up. Helene’s training style is hands on, high energy and positive, and I will forever look back on our time together as a turning point in my career.”

Tashia Souza

“Thank you for everything you’re doing. There’s not a lot of info out there for media buyers/traders and having had to learn from wikis/reddit/DSP reps, etc. Your videos/course are great resources.”

Corey Clark