4 Problems On How We Access Training Today




January 22, 2022


“We’ve provided a roadmap and detailed training outline for the team, but as they are completing it, we realize they still need a lot of hand-holding into how to implement.”

You will be surprised at how many times I’ve heard a DSP support team confess to me when I say, “I’m here to compliment you as an extension to your team, so let me know where you are seeing challenges and opportunities, and I will address.”

How do we get training in our industry? What is the best and most efficient way to learn how to programmatic?

The simple answer is that individuals can only get training via Advertising Technology such as DSPs, SSPs, or other partners. These trainings offer a decent picture of the industry landscape, and as I’ve completed a few of them, I have found that there are four problems with the way we learn in the industry today:

  1. Little To No Faith in Entry-Level: I learned the ins & outs of this industry while working for an Ad agency back in 2014. I was super lucky to find a passion for the craft and dedicated to my learning type of manager (shout out to Gabriel Cohen for taking a chance on me and trusting me!) I had just two years as a digital marketing coordinator at that time. The challenge is that not many Ad Agencies or companies will take a chance on “entry-level” or “coordinator” with very little to no experience to teach them programmatic media.
  2. Barrier To Entry: Most trainings are currently provided by Ad Techs and partners, limiting individuals with no affiliation from learning! It can also be challenging to “select the right course” if you are looking to learn a new skill and are interested in a career in programmatic media.
  3. Not all are created equal: The training provided by AdTechs can be skewed toward how to utilize their own platforms best. Each does not offer the same capabilities, and others are niched.
  4. Lack of user focus: Training can be focused on the technology capabilities removing the human aspect of the learning journey for those that will use the platform.

After being laid off from that same agency in 2017, I continued as a senior programmatic strategist for a start-up agency in Raleigh, NC. During the two years I devoted to the start-up, I helped build the programmatic media department by training new team members and helping onboard each. I implemented systems and processes to support the highly demanding day-to-day required of us. I remembered requesting or “asking permission” to attend different industry conferences and workshops but was not “approved” as it would not benefit my role, per my manager. That same manager told me, “It would be more suited for a sales executive to attend since they are focused on business development vs. what you do.”

Managing the very campaign sold was not part of business development and business retention.

Please don’t mistake my transparency for a rant or weakness, as I share with the utmost pride! It has built me on knowing precisely what I did not want and should not accept. I started Helene Parker Consulting 6 months after leaving that agency to offer programmatic media solutions to agency and brand clients and have been successfully growing for two years, going on 3(yay!)

I’m proud to announce the Reach and Frequency course launching 2/22/22, with over 40 lessons in programmatic media foundations.

The course will cover everything from fundamentals, media buying placements, targeting capabilities, workflow recommendation to managing and optimizing campaigns.

I have carefully designed each of the seven modules to address the What, How, Why, and Best practices to start implementing right away. You can expect easy-to-understand and remember lessons, including guides and workbooks, to assist you as you execute the knowledge you will acquire.  The best part is that we are working on providing the course in English, French, and Spanish, with captions first and then audio.

This course will offer an A La Carte pricing model and one total price for all. As you progressively complete each module, you will get a chance to experience the Programmatic Meetup because we believe being in an environment that encourages self-development and training discussions will be part of your success.

You can join the waitlist here to get exclusive details and discounts before launch.

This is for you if you are ready to learn a new skill or improve your knowledge. This is not for you if you are not prepared to invest in self-development and prepared to take control of your future.

Why did you create this, Hélène?

Because I am giving an independent and non-affiliated way of learning to those who want and need change. I am offering another option to learn interactively and efficiently in a rapidly advancing industry (but not all of us, the people!) and who love buzzwords.

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