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MFAs and More

2023-08-07T16:54:45-04:00August 7th, 2023|Resources|

Hi there, Announcement Of The Week: We are accepting new clients in need of in-house media buying/growth and looking to pay you 10%🎉 monthly per referrals. It's as easy as an email intro and collecting the coins once they sign. Benefit of partnering with us to offer your clients paid media support:Adding a new [...]

134. Why Consider Agency Trading Desk with Marc Poirier at Klever Programmatic

2023-08-07T16:35:46-04:00July 4th, 2023|Podcast|

“Listen more, talk less.” This is one of the words of wisdom imparted by our special guest, Marc Poirier, the CEO and Co-founder of Klever Programmatic. He also shares his thoughts about agency trading desks, how to get started in the programmatic industry, and his inspiring journey. Marc gave emphasis [...]

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